How to Be Sure Your Essay Will Get the Best Mark?

09 Feb 22

Essay writing is one of the most “popular” assignments which affects academic results greatly. So, if you want to make yourself and your family happy with your success in college, you have to be attentive with essays.

Students might have bright ideas but still, they miss some requirements. That leads to professors marking some papers down. But gladly, you can independently determine how good your essay will be in the eyes of your professor.

So, to be certain your essay will get the best mark, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does This Essay Answer the Question?

Essay writing is always about giving answers to principal questions. This answer must be clear, well-supported with expert thoughts, and not ambivalent. Vague answers in the conclusion will deteriorate your result even if you have strong logic and good sources.

If you are not certain if your essay conclusion gives the needed answer, try giving it to your relatives or friends. After they read what you’ve written, ask if they understand the final message. If they tell you something unexpected, try rephrasing some things or even changing their whole meaning.

2. Does Your Essay Need a Solution for a Problem?

If your essay has a problematic topic, then consider coming up with a solution to an actual issue. Of course, reminding that there is this problem is important. But in this case, it needs a way to make things better.

If you have to come up with a solution but you don’t know what will be the best, try:

Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to copy and paste this all in your essay. But if you combine others and your discourse, you can give out an applicable solution.

3. Is Your Essay Literate?

Your essay can’t be “literate enough”. It has to be 100% literate. That means, there shouldn’t be grammatical and spelling problems, and even typos. Moreover, don’t forget about the unification of characters, so don’t mix short and long dashes and other things like that.

If you are not certain everything is good in this matter, try using online editors like Grammarly. Even Google Docs will suggest some corrections. Don’t miss a single issue the system marks for you. Sometimes professors might be too harsh and give you a worse mark for meaningless flaws like that.

4. Did Your Format Your Essay in the Right Way?

Formatting is a tedious thing that makes all essays unified. On one hand, it makes your essay look more professional. On the other hand, it restricts students a lot. So, you can’t use interesting fonts and have to mark every part of your essay properly.

If you have some doubts about your way of formatting, you can always use a free essay template. The best place to find them on the Internet is websites of essay writing services. Many professional essay writers work extra, so they can post free exemplary materials. This way students don’t have to spend money and wait till their essay writer completes their assignment. Still, not every essay writing service will post materials like that.

You can also find other essays in nets like Google Scholar, BASE, and so on. These are the hubs of professionally written scientific works.

5. Did You Back All Your Ideas Up?

Of course, it’s not obligatory to spam expert thoughts and quotes. But if you haven’t supported one of your ideas, it might affect the mark of your essay. So, if you need to add some information that needs evidence, don’t forget to support it too.


  1. Don’t use information from Wikipedia. It’s good for knowledge but some information there needs backup too. Every user can change it, so you might cite something subjective.
  2. Look for properly-written scientific papers.
  3. Pay attention to the publisher of an article. The best option is when the publisher is an educational institution.
  4. Use statistics if you need them. You can also use stats from newspapers and news journals.
  5. Don’t forget to mention the authors of the extra materials you use.
  6. You can highlight quotes by narrowing frames for them and doing them in italics if they are too long.
  7. For small quotes, inverted commas will suffice.

Before Submitting Your Essay

You have to be attentive to many elements of your essay if you want to get the best marks. So, yeah, essay writing isn’t as easy as it may seem. But if you do that all constantly, for you it will become an automatic process!

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